God made and man made ideologies

God made and man made ideologies


God Made Man Made
Eternal scriptures

Repeatedly re-established scriptures

Thousands of books of knowledge

Knowledge complied in written format by God Himself in Person

Known for trillions of years

God appears to perform His transcendental pastimes

God is fully described

God appears millions of times

God appears on fertile land

God is a Person

God is proven

God has been seen

God is visible

God talks

God hears

God can be touched

God has form

God plays

God is tangible (seen, proven, touched)

All ther above means ‘God is real’, theist

Recently created scriptures

One off scripture

Only one book

Knowledge compiled into written format by man

Known for a few thousand years at the very most

God has no pastimes

ZERO description of God

God only appears once (that also invisible)

God appears in desert or on mountain

God is not a Person

God is unproven

God has not been seen

God is invisible

God has no mouth

God has no ears

God is untouchable

God has no form

God does not play

God is not tangible. He is just a name in a book

All the above means ‘God is unreal’, atheist


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