God MadeMan Made
Eternal scripturesRecently created scriptures
Repeatedly re-established scripturesOne off scripture
Thousands of books of knowledgeOnly one book
Knowledge complied in written format by God Himself in PersonKnowledge compiled into written format by man
Known for trillions of yearsKnown for a few thousand years at the very most
God appears to perform His transcendental pastimesGod has no pastimes
God is fully describedZERO description of God
God appears millions of timesGod only appears once (that also invisible)
God appears on fertile landGod appears in desert or on mountain
God is a PersonGod is not a Person
God is provenGod is unproven
God has been seenGod has not been seen
God is visibleGod is invisible
God talksGod has no mouth
God hearsGod has no ears
God can be touchedGod is untouchable
God has formGod has no form
God playsGod does not play
God is tangible (seen, proven, touched)God is not tangible. He is just a name in a book
All ther above means ‘God is real’, theistAll the above means ‘God is unreal’, atheist