This cow has problems getting up by herself. The crane is used to help her
stay up for blood circulation

Mission of Gopal Goshala

  • Take abandoned cows. Mainly non-jersey cows.
  • Take cows sent for slaughter.
  • Take cows injured on roads.
  • Take abandoned injured bulls.
  • No buying and selling of cows. Gopal Goshala is not a business. Cows are our mothers, mothers should never be traded. We should not promote the trading of mothers.
  • Gopal Goshala is not for milking cows, but for serving cows. Taking cows with no expectations of any benefits from them is proof of real seva.
  • In general cows at the Goshala will roam freely and not be tied up. Some cows will be tied up at certain times for safety reasons.
  • Visitors will have a chance to learn something about Sanatan-Dharma at the Goshala via signs.
  • The Goshala will be kept clean always.
  • All visitors to the Goshala will be treated nicely.

Why cows are very important for humans ?

Cow milk is the most nutritious food for humans.
It gives spiritual intelligence, the ability to know and
understand God as a Person.

Cow treatment affects the human health (diseases),
weather, crops, temperatures, wars, and natural disasters.

Treating cows nicely will result ingood health, peace, and prosperity for all.

Save Cows – Serve Cows – Don’t buy leather Items

The Supreme Person, Lord Krishna, Lives in ‘Goloka’. Which means the cow planet. He is called ‘Gopala’, Which means one who takes care if the cows. His occupation is simply to take care of the cows and play with His loving Devotees. He is a cowboy. He also has other names like ‘Govinda’, which means one who gives pleasure to the cows.

” I can be worshiped within the cows by offering of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure and health of the cows…”

                                          (Lord Krishna, Shrimad – Bhagavatam 11.11.43-45)