Divine Consciousness Qualities to Develop

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Divine Consciousness Qualities to Develop   "In Him reside (1) truthfulness, (2) cleanliness, (3) intolerance of another's unhappiness, (4) the power to control anger, (5) self-satisfaction, (6) straightforwardness, (7) steadiness of mind, (8) control of the sense organs, (9) responsibility, (10) equality, (11) tolerance, (12) equanimity, (13) faithfulness, (14) knowledge, (15) absence of sense enjoyment, (16) [...]

God is Equal to All

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  For God nobody is high nor low, He is equal with friends and enemies, nobody is favorable nor unfavorable. God sees everyone equally. We also have to develop this divine consciousness. "Unlike an ordinary living entity, my Lord, You do not discriminate between friends and enemies, the favorable and the unfavorable, because for You there [...]

Summary of Devotional Service (Bhakti)

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A. Thinking of Lord Krishna A01 Live in a Cave and Meditate on Lord Krishna all day. A02 Live and Serve in a Temple. A03 Donate in the service of Lord Krishna some of the money earned from work or business. A04 Donate money to hospitals and/or the poor – Becoming detached. A05 Acquire spiritual knowledge [...]

What is God?

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What makes one qualified to be called God is discussed. What is God? Click here for a pdf file showing a brief summary of What Is God? Click here for a pdf file showing how Lord Krishna is the proven God Click here for a pdf file showing the God of the 3 World religions Please [...]

Proof of Lord Krishna as God from the Bible

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The purpose of this writing: 1. To show the similarities between the teachings of Lord Krishna and Jesus. 2. To show that Lord Krishna is God, the father of Jesus. 3. There are no contradictions between the teachings of Lord Krishna and Jesus, both are in line with each other. 4. This will add more value [...]

How do I know if I am the following the real God?

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If you can describe God then you are following the real God, if you cannot describe God, then you are not following God but your imagination. God is described only in the Vedic scriptures. So if you want to follow the real God, then you have to follow the Vedic scriptures. God can only be known [...]

The Requirements For the Supreme Person Position

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Do you know God’s name, qualities, address, description, history dating back to billions of years, witnessed by millions, and proven? If you can answer these questions, only then can you truly say you know God. Otherwise you are simply living in darkness. The Vedic scriptures are the oldest scriptures in the World and the only scriptures [...]

God is One

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The Christians say ‘Jesus is the only way’. Thus the non-Christians go to hell. The Muslims say ‘Islam is the only way’. Thus the non-Muslims go to hell. The Vedic followers wish for all living beings to go to the kingdom of God. This is the result of following the religion created by God and not [...]