“O lord, you are the original source of Vedic literature. You are the original cause of material creation, the life force, the senses, the five elements, the three modes and the mahat-tattva. You are eternal time, determination and the two religious systems called truth [satya] and truthfulness [ṛta]. You are the shelter of the syllable om, which consists of three letters a-u-m.” (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 8.7.25)

This verse states the importance of the Vedic scriptures and thus the Vedic teachings. One must study the Vedic scriptures and implement the teachings in life and distribute the knowledge to others.

There are two religious systems called truth and truthfulness. We must know what is the truth and then implement the knowledge in our life. For example many people know that speaking the truth is important, but they speak lies. So they know the truth but are not truthful. We must know the truth and implement it by following it, thus be truthful. Truthfulness is the first pillar of Sanatan-Dharma, the first step in bhakti. If one is not truthful, then going to temples, chanting, performing austerities and rituals are all useless.