No Substance Beliefs

No Substance Beliefs


No Substance Belief
X is God and he is the only God Oh yes, what’s the proof?
X is God but he has not been seen Why should the eternal God not been seen?
X is God but he cannot be seen Why should God be not seeable? God has created living beings who are seeable, why not Himself?
X is God but nobody has seen him Why not? Just because someone living in the desert has not seen beautiful trees and water falls, does this mean nobody has?
X has only appeared once but hidden and invisible Why should the eternal God only appear once? Why hidden, is God very shy or afraid?
X has only delivered his message to one person, only once Why should God only deliver His message to one person, only once? God can only create one worthy person? Does God have limitations?
X is the greatest God, but he never competed with anyone Has anyone won any competition without competing with others?
Y is the only son of God Is God living in China? – China has a one child policy
Y is a savior but didn’t save anyone in his first appearance, he will save next time he appears Will you take a postdated check? Will you work for a company that will pay you on the day of judgement  (maybe)?
Y suffered and couldn’t save himself, but that’s ok he will save you Can a drowning man save others from drowning?
Y suffered for your sins


Can a criminal in court say to the Judge, hang Y, he will pay for my sins. I will walk free.

Can anyone say their grandfather suffered due to their sins?

Can anyone say “I am suffering now, because my children will sin in the future”

If I break the traffic laws, should I get the ticket or someon else?

If I break the law, should I be punished or someone else.

Y died for the sins of man


Trillions of people have died due to wars, murder, old age, and disease. Why blame death on one person?
Y was resurrected, this is the greatest miracle


Do you have proof that Y was actually dead before being resurrected? Even if Y was resurrected, so what? What value is this to anyone? What is the value in something which is of no benefit to anyone?
Z is God because he can manifest a small chunk of gold What about the Person who has created the gold mines?
God is the only God, there is no other God but God Please check your language logic. This would not make sense in any language
God has no form You have a form, the plants have a form, the animals have a form. Why should the creator of plants and animals not take a form for Himself?

The symptoms of life are have a form and consciousness. God is also a living being, and thus He also has a form and consciousness.

Consciousness also means a form, because a form is needed to experience it.

All the above beliefs are of no substance. There is no value in these beliefs. We should follow the instructions of great personalities and not make them into God to neglect the real God and their instructions. Those who still have some intelligence will enquire; What does the eternal God look like; What are His pastimes; How does He create, maintain, destroy and so on.

One can only know God from the eternal Vedic scriptures, there is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way.


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