God has No Partners?

Some people believe that God has no partners. Which also means that anyone with a partner is not God. The essence of this belief is to defy God by limiting Him based on limited human perception and intelligence. Such a belief is essentially atheistic. Those who say God has no partners, should first ask themselves why they have a partner? Why don’t they live alone all their life? Have no spouse, no friends, no relatives and so on.. How would they feel if they had to live alone for trillions of years?

God Has Unlimited Partners

We have a partner, the spouse. Most humans get married because life is boring alone. What is the point in alone existence? The purpose of life is to enjoy. But enjoyment is only possible when we share with others. If a person lives in a 10 bedroom house alone, it serves no purpose, there would be no enjoyment. It’s only worth living in a 10 bedroom house if one lives in the company of others and also if others visit the house. Otherwise it means absolutely nothing to be alone in the house for entire life, or even a few days.

Most humans cannot live alone during this one short life of 100 years or less, which is perfectly natural. Can anyone live alone for say 100 years, or how about 1000 years, how about 100,000 years? There is no human on the planet who would agree to live alone for more than 100 years. Most do not want to live alone even for a few months.

The almighty God is existing for trillions of years, He is eternal. Why on earth would He live in the vast unlimited cosmos with millions of universes, all by Himself? What does He do all day by Himself? What enjoyment would He get by being by Himself for trillions and trillions of years? What is the value in His unlimited potency if He does not use it?

There has never been a King or President on the planet who lived alone, because it makes absolutely no sense to be the King or President without the citizens. A King means he has citizens, he has partners to enjoy life with by way of servants, friends, and personal consorts. In a similar the Supreme Personality of Godhead has partners and not just a few but unlimited. He has billions of personal servants, friends, and personal consorts. To enjoy and share His eternal life with others.

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and He is never alone. He lives on the spiritual planet of Goloka Vrindavan with billions of friends, servants, and His eternal personal consort Radha. God is one, but He expands Himself into the Radha form, so He can enjoy His own association and experience and give love and happiness to others.

  • Love can only be experienced between people and not alone.
  • Happiness comes from sharing with others and not just alone.
  • Satisfaction comes from pleasing others and not by oneself.
  • Enjoyment can only be experienced by being with others and not by self.

If an eternal entity has no partners then he is devoid of love, devoid of happiness, devoid of satisfaction, and devoid of enjoyment. This means an insane entity.

Just like a drop of ocean water and the water within the ocean are one and have the same qualities, but the quantity is different. In a similar way, all the living entities are also expansions of Lord Krishna but the living entities have limited qualities of Lord Krishna. The purpose of the living entities is to simply enjoy a personal companion relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.

All the living entities can enjoy the juice (rasa) of a personal relationship with the Supreme.

There are five main ways of enjoying the juice (rasa) of a relationship with the Supreme:

1. One can worship Krishna and enjoy the affection of service unto Him (santa-rasa)

2. One can be a personal servant of Krishna, enjoying the affection of personal service unto Him (dasya-rasa)

3. One can be a friend of Krishna, enjoying the affection of friendship (sakhya-rasa)

4. One can be a guardian or parent of Krishna, enjoying parental affection (vatsalya-rasa)

5. One can dance with Krishna, enjoying His personal affection (madhura-rasa)

Lord Krishna is most merciful and loving and He proves this by sharing His eternal life with living entities in a personal companion relationship, based on the desires and deserves of the living entities. Every living entity has a personal relationship with Lord Krishna and this is realized when the living entity becomes a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. Eventually all living entities go back to the spiritual abode of Lord Krishna to enjoy the juice of a personal companion relationship with Lord Krishna.