Drink Milk

Drink Milk

Cow’s milk is the best food.

Cow’s milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D as well as protein and other nutrients that are important for healthy growth.

Cow’s milk is used daily by most humans

From our birth we drink milk from our mother who drinks cow’s milk from which she produces her milk. Milk is the main food for the children. Milk is used to create foods like ice cream, cheese, curd, yogurt, and many other food preparations from these.

Cow’s milk gives spiritual intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is needed to understand and know God. By drinking cow’s milk and appreciating the cows, one will develop spiritual intelligence and eventually know God as a real, seen and proven Person, rather than just a name in a book or as an invisible, unknown, and unknowable character. This is very much true, because only those who drink cow’s milk and appreciate her can describe God and His pastimes, these are the followers of Sanatan-Dharma. All others cannot describe God, for them He is unknown, invisible, unseen, and unknowable.

“The mercantile class is also required to give protection to the cows in order to get sufficient milk and milk products, which alone can give the proper health and intelligence to maintain a civilization perfectly meant for knowledge of the ultimate truth.” (Swami Srila Prabhupada SB 2.5.37)

Why we should appreciate the cows?

If someone gives us somehting, then we say thank you and we are grateful and offer our appreciation. Why should this only apply to humans? Why not to the animals also?

The cows give us milk and so we must thank and appreciate them.

Those who have higher consciousness will appreciate everyone, regardless of human or animal. Only the animals cannot offer their appreciation to others, because they have lower consciousness.

Become a Vegan?


Based on the Vedic knowledge and the facts, by not drinking milk, one will not develop spiritual intelligence, which is needed to understand and know God as a real Person. Eventually in this life or along the generations, people will become atheistic due to loss of spiritual intelligence. If one wants to save the cows, then preach Sanatan-Dharma values instead of becoming a vegan and not eating dairy products and doing nothing to promote Sanatan-Dharma. The cow is considered a mother because we drink her milk, if we stop drinking her milk, then we cannot call her a mother. If there are too many vegans in the world, then the cows lose their motherly value, so eventually people will kill her, because she serves no purpose if humans are vegans and thus don’t need her at all. By first offering the cow’s milk or preparations made from milk to Lord Krishna, the cow will benefit and thus it’s better to drink milk then to become a vegan and deny the cows from being purified by not offering their milk to Lord Krishna. Preaching Sanatan-Dharma is far better for the cows than becoming a vegan and not preaching. Even if one does not preach, the cows will still be better off if their milk is offered to Lord Krishna and then drunk.

Follow Swami Srila Prabhupada

Swami Srila Prabhupada is an Acharya, he set examples for others to follow. He taught us by his example the importance of drinking milk by personally taking hot milk every evening as part of his standard diet. So milk is that very special food given by God that helps us to develop our brains for understanding the science of God (Krishna consciousness). Therefore it is recommended that all devotees should regularly take milk as part of their daily food intake and also preach Sanatan-Dharma values to others.

No Leather

The Vedic followers do not kill cows for food, but unfortunately they kill them to sit on them. Leather car seats, and sofas are very popular among Vedic followers. This is due to double standards, ignorance, and lack of knowledge. Please stop buying leather items from today.

How will saving the cows save the children?

Saving cows = More cows = More milk = Cheaper milk = More best food for the children = More children will be saved

How is human harmony related to cows?

The body of a cow is where the potency of the demigods (environmental controllers) who control the various functions in the universe reside.

Happier cows = Happier demigods= More potency for humans = Happier, healthier, and peaceful human beings

Saving cows means saving humanity. Most of the world is Godless, because most people cannot describe God, for them God is unknown and unkowable. Only by drinking cows milk and appreciating her, one has a chance to elevate his/her conciousness to eventually know God as a Person and not as a ghost.

The potency to know God (spiritual intelligence) is in the milk of a cow, but this does not mean anyone who drinks her milk will get the full potency instantly. If one accepts her as a mother, then the potency in the milk is more quickly released.

Everything is related to each other, each part of nature is working in sync. Only when the syncronization is disturbed, there is chaos for the humans.

What will happen to the cow killers?

Lord Caitanya, who was an incarnation of Lord Krishna states in the Caitanya Caritamrta, Adi-lila chapter 17, verses.165-167.

“Cow-killers are condemned to rot in hellish life for as many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of the cow.”

Those who kill cows in ignorance might be forgiven, but those who kill intentionally will not be forgiven.

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