There are many Vedic and non-Vedic followers who are spreading false translations of the Vedas and other Vedic scriptures.

There are many false translations of the Vedas online.

One example.

The below incorrect translation of a mantra from the Rig Veda is found online:

“A gift of fifty female slaves hath Trasadasyu given me, Purukutsa’s son.” (Rig Veda 8.19.36)

The above translation is from an ignorant Christian (Ralph T.H. Griffith) who does not know Sanskrit properly.

The original Sanskrit of this mantra as it is in the Rig Veda is:

“adan me paurukutsyah pancasatam trasadasyur vadhunam” (Rig Veda 8.19.36, Sanskrit)

The correct translation of the above Sanskrit to English is as follows:

“Paurukutsa Trasadasyu has give me five hundred brides”. (Rig Veda 8.19.36, English Translation by R L Kashyap)

Anyone can search in the Sanskrit to English dictionary and verify the correct translation.

Only accept translations from authentic Vedic organizations.

The Vedic scriptures do Not advocate slavery. It is the non-Vedic scriptures which very clearly advocate slavery. Slavery is simply barbaric and the worst form of caste-ism.