There are many wolves in sheep clothing. It is very much true that there are many bogus gurus or swamis.

“Uncultured men will accept charity on behalf of the Lord and will earn their livelihood by making a show of austerity and wearing a mendicant’s dress. Those who know nothing about religion will mount a high seat and presume to speak on religious principles.” (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 12.3.38)

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.” (Jesus, Matthew 7:15-16)

Just because someone is dressed in saffron clothing or wears a tilak and a bead bag. This does not mean the person is pure or a genuine devotee. Just because someone can recite Sanskrit slokas from the scriptures very nicely, this does not mean the person actually follows the teachings. 

There are many gurus who use religion as a way to cheat people, because people will do anything in the name of religion and God. Now days, bogus gurus are raising money in the name of cows, because people will give in the name of cows and not in the name of Temples. Most of the money raised for cows service is never used for cows. It’s used by the gurus for their luxury lifestyles.

Many gurus have millions of dollars or hundreds of crore of RS. This is money which they got by lying and deceiving people.

How to tell a Genuine Guru?

  • A genuine guru will not have any bank accounts nor properties in his name. 
  • A genuine guru will never cause friction between anyone.
  • A genuine guru will very strongly advocate family values.
  • A genuine guru will take action immediately and not ignore issues.
  • A genuine guru will be responsive, he will respond to all queries within a short time period.
  • A genuine guru will have higher consciousness.
  • A genuine guru will serve everyone, and not just take service from others.
  • A genuine guru will not live like a king with expensive cars, properties, etc..
  • A genuine guru will openly disclose any information on himself to anyone.
  • A genuine guru will be equal to everyone and not partial to those who give more.
  • A genuine guru will always be truthful.
  • A genuine guru will be merciful to everyone.
  • A genuine guru will not just take, but will also give.
  • A genuine guru will not give his leftovers to anyone, except the dogs.
  • A genuine guru will never claim to be God nor a divine soul.
  • A genuine guru will never discuss the personal affairs of Radha and Krishna (No Radha Krishna Lilas)
  • A genuine guru will always quote from the Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita, Shrimad-Bhagavatam, and other scriptures to support his statements.
  • A genuine guru will never be self-centered. 
  • A genuine guru lives for others and not for himself.
  • A genuine guru will be prepared to go to hell, if others can go to the spiritual manifestation at his cost.
  • A genuine guru will realize that God is everywhere and not just in Temples or certain places like Vrindavan.

Some of the Lies and Tricks of Bogus Gurus and How to Expose them

    • I have seen God. Ask such claimers to take a selfie with Him and show it.
    • My Deity speaks to me. Ask such claimers to ask their Deity for your cell phone or work login password to prove it. Or ask them why they are raising money, why not get the winning lottery numbers from their Deity and have millions of dollars.
    • God comes to my house everyday. Ask such claimers why they go to Temples to take darshan of God, or to hospitals for their health problems. Why not ask God to cure them?

“Despite being known as a guru, a person who is arrogant and ignorant of the distinction between proper and improper action, or has taken to a deviate path, must be wholesome renounced.” (Mahabharat, Udyoga parva 179.25)