In order to know God, we first have to know the Qualities of God

God is the most powerful person, no one can defeat God in anyway.
God is the most beautiful person, no one is more beautiful than God.
God is the most loving person, He is the nicest guy around.
God is the most merciful person, He doesn’t send anyone eternally to hell.
God is the most forgiving person, He gives us unlimited chances (reincarnation).
God is the most caring person, He even cares for the animals like cows, pigs, chickens etc. (vegetarianism).
God is the most fair person, we are rewarded or punished based on our own actions (karma).
God is the most just person, He doesn’t make one suffer or enjoy for no reason (karma).
God is the most efficient person, He doesn’t keep the dead waiting (reincarnation).
God is the most responsible person, He doesn’t order his followers to hate others.

The Vedic scriptures, Srimad Bhagavtam and Bhagavad-Gita. Are the only scriptures on the Planet that completely describes a person who proved without a doubt that He has all the above qualities. That person is Lord Krishna.

Does God have a Form?

Some people believe that God is formless and thus cannot be seen. Does it make any sense to follow someone who has never been seen and who will never be seen?

You have a form, I have a form, even the plants and animals have a form, and so if God can give us a form, then why can’t he take a form for himself? Are we greater than God?

It is said that everything comes from God:

• We have a form, because God has one
• We are beautiful to some degree, because God is all beautiful
• We are powerful to some degree, because God is all powerful
• We have some knowledge, because God has all knowledge
• We have some intelligence, because God has all intelligence
• We are merciful to some degree, because God is all merciful
• We are loving to some degree, because God is all loving
• We are peaceful to some degree, because God is all peaceful
• We are caring to some degree, because God is all caring
• We can remember some things from our childhood, because God can remember everything from everyone’s past

God Is Great

People say God is great, but unfortunately they do not know how great God is. Lord Krishna in His Maha Vishnu form, has millions of Universes coming out of his body with every exhalation, and with every inhalation, millions of Universes go back into his body. There are trillions of Planets with living beings and the highest Planet in the material creation is called Satayaloka, where one single day is 8.64 billion earth years and the life span of the living beings on Satyaloka is trillions of years. The Sun is situated in one place but the sunshine is everywhere in the Universe. Similaraly Lord Krishna is situated in one place, but He is also present on each of the trillions of Planets. He is present in the heart of every living being as the super soul and He is also present in the atom. This is how great God is.

Can God be Worshiped in an Image Form?

For millions of years, humans have been worshiping God in an image form, so why is it all of a sudden wrong to worship God in an image form?

God has been creating humans who worship him in the image form for millions of years. Is God a fool?

God created the rules for humans to follow at creation, billions of years ago and not just a few thousands years ago.

The Vedic knowledge was passed down from Lord Vishnu (an incarnation of Lord Krishna) at creation to Brahma, the first living being. Then Brahma passed it down to his children and so on in disciplic succession down to the most recent prophet of God. Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. The Vedic religion is based on unlimited prophets and not just one. God is unlimited and all-powerful and so he can send unlimited prophets, and not just one. It is important to understand that the Vedic scriptures authorize God’s image, thus Lord Krishna’s deity, to be worshiped and not any image. There is only one living being who very strongly declared himself as the supreme. That person is Lord Krishna.