Practical Teachings​​ for​​ Life

“Based on the Shikshapatri”













































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The Shikshapatri was personally written by a pure devotee of Lord Krishna,​​ Shri​​ Sahajanand​​ Swaminarayan, in 1826, in the small village of Vadtal (Gujarat). There are 212 verses in total and here we shall cover some of the verses.​​ His followers claim him to be an incarnation of the Supreme.

By obeying the commands in the Shikshapatri, we will become righteous, disciplined, devoted, and of unbreakable character. These qualities will help you to serve God, your parents, your children, your relatives, your country, humanity, and other living beings.



  • Worship Lord Krishna

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This Isha is Lord Shri Krishna, is Supreme Brahman, is Bhagwan and is the source of all incarnations. (108)

Lord Shri Krishna, His incarnations and His forms, only shall form the objects for meditation. One shall never meditate upon Jivas-men as well as deities, however great, as Bhaktas and knowers of Brahman they may be. (115)

All my followers shall daily go to the temple of Lord Shri Krishna, in the evening and shall sing loudly the name of Lord Shri Krishna. (63)

None shall ever hear or believe in the Shastras which clearly refute (the name, glory, form and existence of) Lord Shri Krishna and his incarnations. (29)

Then they shall offer food to him and then shall partake of it as His prasad, they shall thus always remain in service of Lord Krishna with love.​​ (58)

  • No Killing​​ or Hurting​​ 

My followers shall never kill any living being under any circumstances, knowingly, not even small insects like lice, bugs, etc. (11)


None shall ever kill a human being for obtaining women, wealth or even sovereignty. (13)


They shall never associate with nor even touch women who practice abortion, nor shall indulge in or hear amorous talks regarding males.​​ (170)

  • No animal killing (no meat eating)

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(My followers) shall never kill goats and/or other living beings in sacrifice performed for the propitiation of deities and Pitris (ancestors), for non-violence is declared (by the Shastras) as the highest Dharma of all the Dharmas. (12)

  • No Intoxications​​ (Alcohol, drugs, tobacco)

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None shall ever eat meat, even if it be an offering in a sacrifice or shall ever drink liquor or wine even if it be offered to a deity.​​ (15)

  • No Adultery, no gambling

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All my followers, males and females, shall never practice adultery and/or gambling and such other bad habits, nor shall eat or drink intoxicants like hemp, opium etc. (18)



  • No Suicide