Come Out of Ignorance

Ignorance is a big problem in the world among everyone.

To know who the best batsman in the world is, the batting history of all the cricketers would have to be examined. Just by accepting the first batsman you come across and declaring him as the best is foolishness. In a similar way, to know the whole truth, one has to examine all the scriptures in the world and not just one or the first one you come across. The Vedic scriptures are the oldest on the planet and the vastest with more than 1,000,000 verses in them. All the truths found in all the scriptures that came after the Vedic scriptures originates from the Vedic scriptures.

God is one and He is only described in the scriptures of only one religion. He has been seen by the followers of only one religion, Sanatan-Dharma. This simple truth most people fail to accept due to accepting only the first ideology they came across and not examining the whole truth. Most people follow ideologies where God is invisible, unseen, unknown, and not described. They won’t think that God is existing for trillions of years, why would He remain unknown for so long? This is because they have accepted a small well as all the water in the universe. They won’t look at the vast ocean.

You can come out of ignorance by being open minded and ask questions, don’t follow blindly.

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