What is Karma?


This explains the reality of the infallible law of justice, karma.

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Do you have the answers to the following questions?what-is-karma

  • Why are some born healthy and some with severe health problems?
  • Why do some people suffer more than others?
  • Why do some people live a good life and some a miserable one?
  • Why is life full of ups and downs? One day we are happy, another day we are sad
  • Why do some people die from diseases like cancer and some naturally?
  • Why are some people born more fortunate than others?
  • Why is there a difference between each person’s lives?
  • Why do some children suffer from birth and die at very young age?

Sanatan Dharma is the only religion which can answer all of the above questions, and with complete satisfaction.

A Christian woman went to a Christian preacher and asked him why her young son had died at a young age. The Christian preacher could not give her an answer. She found the answer to her question in the Bhagavad-Gita.

A Muslim boy went to an Islamic preacher and asked him why some people are good from birth, and some are bad from birth. The preacher could not give an answer. The boy found the answer in the Bhagavad-Gita.

The answers to all the above questions is:

The Law of Karma

For every action you take there will be a reaction in the future. This is the law of Karma.

Whatever activity we do, good or bad, brings us good or bad reactions. For every action you take, you will face a reaction in the future, which could be a few seconds away or 20 years away or your next incarnation. If you take good actions, you will face good reactions. This may come in the form of good health, wealth or birth on higher planets etc. If you take bad actions, you will face bad reactions in the future. The bad reactions may come in the form of disease, poverty or birth on one of the hellish planets etc.

When we suffer, we are facing the bad reactions to our bad actions taken in the past.

Our actions include everything we do, including our physical deeds, our words and thoughts. There will be a reaction to all our actions.

Taking good actions builds our good karma (joy and happiness in the future).

Taking bad actions builds our bad karma (disease and suffering in the future).

Actions, which result in bad Karma: Eating meat, violence, ignorance, harshness, untruthfulness, lust, anger, greed, attachments, desires, gambling, ego, and alcohol.

Actions, which build good Karma: Vegetarianism, non-violence, generosity, charity, self-control, truthfulness, simplicity, forgiveness, religiousness, and cleanliness. Free from attachments, desires and ego.

Your destiny is in your own hands. You are held responsible for all your actions.

The reason why some people suffer more than others is that they sinned more than others in their past and thus they are now facing the bad reactions to the bad actions taken in their past.

The reason why some good people suffer all their life is because although they are now good. They still suffer because they are now facing the bad reactions to the bad actions taken in their previous lives. But because they are now taking good actions they will face good reactions (be happy) in their next life.

The reason why some really rotten people enjoy a good life despite being rotten, is that they are now facing the good reactions to the good actions they took in their previous lives. However, because they are taking bad actions now (being rotten), they will face bad reactions in the future (suffer).

God does not make one happy for no reason nor does God make one suffer for no reason. Karma is a very just law.

If a person takes good actions in life and thus builds good karma, he or she will be born into a better life in the next incarnation. A sinner who leads an immoral life may be born as a poor person or as an animal in the next incarnation. A person is born again and again to reap the fruits of his or her own actions. This cycle of birth and death continues until the person attains moksha or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Moksha can be achieved through Krishna consciousness.

Karma and the Human Law and Order System.

Karma-and-the-Human-LawWhy do we have the police, judges, courts and jails? We have a system of Law and Order in each and every country, which makes us responsible for our actions. If we break the Law, we are arrested, taken to court and the Judge decides on the punishment we receive, which will be in proportion to the crime committed, then sent to jail, punishment for our crimes.

Without the Law and Order system that we have, without the police enforcing the law, life would be pure hell. People would go round killing, looting, stealing, raping and vandalizing property. Simply because people, would not be held responsible for their actions.

Without the Law and Order system there would be no peace and justice in the world.

We have the human Law and Order System in every country and the citizens of each country are held responsible for the actions they take; those who break the law are punished.

Just as we have the Human Law and Order system. God has a Law and Order system, the Law of Karma. We are held responsible for all our actions. The differences between the human system and God’s system are:

  • With Karma, we are responsible for all our actions, including words and thoughts.
  • With Karma, there is no escape; you will face reactions to each and every action you take in the future, that is guaranteed. With the human system, some people do get away with murder and other crimes.
  • With Karma, we are punished for our bad actions and rewarded for good actions, in the human system we are punished if we are caught breaking the law, but we are not rewarded for abiding by the laws.

If you accept that we cannot live peacefully and be treated fairly without the human system of Law and Order, then you must accept that God also has a Law and Order system, the Law of Karma.

Sanatan Dharma is the only religion, which preaches the Law of Karma as this knowledge comes from God and man.



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