Only The Beast Will Eat Another Beast


Yes one beast is food another beast.

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In China and Taiwan, some people eat dogs, cats, snakes, snails, and other abominable beasts (animals).

In France some people eat frogs.
In Arabia people eat cows and goats.
In Australia, the aborigines eat lizards.
In the Western countries people eat pigs, and lobsters.
In Mexico some people eat rats.
In Africa some eat monkeys.
There are so many other varieties of abominable animals that humans around the world eat.
It’s due to ignorance and irreligious ideology that humans who are made of flesh and blood engage in eating the flesh and blood of other living beings.
Vegetarian Food – The Higher Taste
Those humans who have a higher consciousness will not engage in eating the flesh of beasts. They will only eat food that is healthy, nutritious, and killing free (karma free): Grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, milk, and preparations made from milk.
How is Meat Eating Causing Poverty in the World?

If one acre of land is used to raise cattle, this would produce 20 pounds of meat. If we use the same land to grow soybeans, we would get 365 pounds of protein rich soybeans. The meat would feed one family for around 20 days, and the soybeans would feed 18 families for the same time period. If the millions of acres of land that is currently used to raise cattle was used to produce soybeans and grains, there would be 18 times more food in the world. This would end poverty in the world.

The maths is pretty simple, Stop eating meat and more people will get to eat in the world.


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