When is End of the World?

When is End of the World?

For 2000 years the Christians have been saying it’s soon the end of the world, so become a Christian, otherwise one will not be saved. For 1400 years the Muslims have been saying these are the last days so become a Muslim, otherwise one will go to the hell fire eternally. Neither the Bible nor the Quran give any factual information on the end of the world, and both these scriptures instill fear to force people to convert. This is the truth based on many verses in these scriptures.

You can relax, the eternal God of the Bhagavad-Gita, Lord Krishna, does not send anyone to eternal hell. Everyone, including all the Christians and Muslims will eventually get liberation. Not a single soul is ever sent to eternal hell. This is because, Lord Krishna is truly most merciful to all. Lord Krishna gives the exact date of the end of the universe. We still have another 155.518 trillion years to go before the end of the universe, so you can relax. Lord Krishna never uses fear to get followers, only love.

There are cycles of creation and annihilation. The duration of each cycle is 311 trillion, and 40 billion years. In the current cycle, the universe has existed for 155.522 trillion years old and it will end after 155.518 trillion years.

This universe will be here for another 155.518 trillion years. But you won’t be, your life may end at any time. So make sure you live a sinless life, so you move up in life (species) and not down.

Vedic scripture References:

“O son of Kuntī, at the end of the millennium all material manifestations enter into My nature, and at the beginning of another millennium, by My potency, I create them again.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.7)

Millennium in the above verse means 311.040 trillion years. The lifespan of Brahma, the engineer of the universe.

“By human calculation, a thousand ages taken together form the duration of Brahmā’s one day. And such also is the duration of his night.  At the beginning of Brahmā’s day, all living entities become manifest from the unmanifest state, and thereafter, when the night falls, they are merged into the unmanifest again.  Again and again, when Brahmā’s day arrives, all living entities come into being, and with the arrival of Brahmā’s night they are helplessly annihilated.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.17-19)

As mentioned in above verses (8.17-19), one day of Brahma lasts one thousand cycles of the four yugas.

1000 cycles of the four yugas is:

1000 x (1.728+1.296+0.864+0.432) = 100 x (4.32 Million)

= 4320 Million = 4.32 Billion years

Thus one day (12 hours) of Brahma is 4.32 Billion Earth years, and he lives for 100 of his years, which is 311 trillion, 40 billion years for us.

4.32 Billion x 2 x 30 x 12 x 100 = 311 trillion, 40 billion years.

311.040 trillion years in the lifespan of Brahma and the universe.

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