What are the symptoms of purity in a person?

What are the symptoms of purity in a person?

 “The ability to chant mantras, perform fire sacrifice, practice penance, and sacrifice animals does not make one a brahmana, just as a sudra remains a sudra, despite the ability to perform all these activities.” (Bhavisya Purana 41.11)

 “A devotee who faithfully engages in the worship of the Deity in the temple but does not behave properly toward other devotees or people in general is called a prakrta-bhakta, a materialistic devotee, and is considered to be in the lowest position.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.2.47)

“As long as one is not compassionate to people in general in his devotional service to the Lord, he is a third-class devotee. The first-class devotee gives assurance to every living being that there is no fear of this material existence: “Let us live in Krsna consciousness and conquer the nescience of material existence.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam purport 3.21.31)

Just because someone dresses or is employed as a Police officer, it does not mean that he is a Police officer. Only a Police Officer uniformed person who upholds the law of the land, can be called a Police officer and not otherwise. In a similar way, just by wearing a dhoti, performing penances and vibrating the mouth, does not make one a devotee. There are other actions that need to be taken as listed by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita which qualifies one to be called a devotee.

“Humility, pridelessness, nonviolence, forgiveness, honesty, simplicity, service to a genuine spiritual master (guru), good thoughts/words and physical cleanliness, steadfastness and self-control, aversion for the objects of sense gratification, absence of ego, constant reflection on the pain and suffering of birth, old age, disease, and death, nonattachment with family members, home, etc., steadiness amid pleasant and unpleasant events, constant and unalloyed devotion to Me [Krishna], taste for solitude, distaste for social gatherings and gossips, steadfastness in acquiring the knowledge of self-realization, and  search for the absolute truth— I declare all this to be real knowledge. That which is contrary to this is ignorance. (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 13.8-12)

Humility – You should share your belongings with others, become a servant of everyone by serving them (Das/Dasi).

Pridelessness – You should not look down on others, nobody is lower than you, you are not higher than others, you should give all respects to others, and you should bow down to others.

Nonviolence – Don’t say/use harsh words, these will hurt the feelings of others, don’t say things which might agitate others, don’t hurt or kill animals.

Forgiveness – People do make mistakes or do the wrong things due to forceful situations and so be prepared to forgive them. A new hour means a new start, forget what happened in the last hour.

Honesty – Always speak the truth, side with those who speak the truth, and never hide anything.

Simplicity – Don’t bother others, don’t give others a hard time, eat whatever is available according to your income/situation, be satisfied with what you have or what you receive, don’t make demands, sleep on the floor if there is no bed, wear whatever is available, share things with others.

Ego – The human body is nothing but stool, and all kinds of nasty chemicals and fluids. Realize that one bag of stool is competing with another bag of stool, this is the rat race of the material world. It’s worthless to think one bag of stool is superior to another.

Steadiness – If it’s Monday then Tuesday will come for sure, if it’s Night, then Day will come for sure. In a similar way, happiness and distress will come and go for sure. Don’t get disturbed by anything that happens in your life, stay fixed on the spiritual path.

Self-control – The trees stand still, even though it rains, wind blows, and people/dogs pee on them. In a similar way, if someone speaks harsh words to you, ignore them, if someone swears, ignore them. If someone cuts you up on the road, don’t open your mouth, just ignore them.

Social gatherings – Stay away from parties, because it’s from these places where the degradation and bad association starts. Stay away from places/events where there is meat, alcohol, drugs, illicit scenes, and spiritually ignorant people.

Lord Krishna – He is the only proven and seen God, and thus you should always think of Krishna and serve Him as best as you can, using your time, intelligence, money, resources, and energy.

Regardless of the external physical looks, only if one exhibits all the above symptoms then he/she can be called a real devotee. One of the main differences between a real brahmana and a sudra is that a brahmana is always truthful and compassionate, where as a sudra is not.

Don’t judge a person by the looks, because looks are deceiving. Judge by the actions the person takes and has taken. Don’t judge a book by its cover, judge based on the contents. Be aware, there are many wolves in sheep clothing.

If one sincerely follows the Bhagavad-Gita teachings, then he/she will become the purest human being, and this will be the last miserable life. At death, the soul will be immediately transferred to the spiritual manifestation where everyone lives eternally in the same body that is completely beautiful, full of bliss/love, full of knowledge, no old age, no disease, and no misery of any kind.

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