The Qualities of a Sanatan-Dharma Follower


Gives a list of the qualities found in a genuine follower of Sanatan-Dharma (The Eternal Religion).

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A Sanatan-Dharma follower (a Vaisnava) is one who has surrendered unto the only proven God, Lord Vishnu (Krishna)

Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja, the author of Caitanya-caritamrta, says that all good qualities become manifest in the body of a Vaisnava and that only by the presence of these good qualities can one distinguish a Sanatan-Dharma follower (Vaisnava) from a non-Vaisnava. Krsnadasa Kaviraja lists the twenty-six qualities of a Sanatan-Dharma follower (a Vaisnava):
  • He is very kind to everyone
  • He does not make anyone his enemy
  • He is truthful
  • He is equal to everyone
  • No one can find any fault in him
  • He is magnanimous
  • He is mild
  • He is always clean
  • He is without possessions
  • He works for everyone’s benefit
  • He is very peaceful
  • He is always surrendered to Krishna
  • He has no material desires
  • He is very meek
  • He is steady
  • He controls his senses
  • He does not eat more than required
  • He is not influenced by the Lord’s illusory energy
  • He offers respect to everyone
  • He does not desire any respect for himself
  • He is very grave
  • He is merciful
  • He is friendly
  • He is poetic
  • He is expert

One must strive to develop all the above good qualities.


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