The Main Divine Qualities

Truthfulness – Always speak the truth, never break vows, never mislead anyone, never betray anyone, and support those who are truthful.

Compassionate – Treat everyone fairly, be kind and serve everyone.

Cleanliness – Take bath at least once daily, brush teeth at least twice daily; keep the home, work areas, and public places clean; don’t make noises with your mouth like pigs, and use water or tissue to clean the nose.

The above are also the first three pillars of Sanatan-Dharma.

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Fearlessness; purification of one’s existence; cultivation of spiritual knowledge; charity; self-control; performance of sacrifice; study of the Vedas; austerity; simplicity; nonviolence; truthfulness; freedom from anger; renunciation; tranquillity; aversion to faultfinding; compassion for all living entities; freedom from covetousness; gentleness; modesty; steady determination; vigor; forgiveness; fortitude; cleanliness; and freedom from envy and from the passion for honor – these transcendental qualities, O son of Bharata, belong to godly men endowed with divine nature.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 16.1-3)

The Main Demoniac Qualities

“Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance – these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, O son of Pṛthā.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 16.4)

  • Your ego. STOP IT.
  • Lying. STOP IT.
  • Your anger. STOP IT.
  • Your not listening to the learned. STOP IT.
  • In India, people make all kinds of noises with their mouth. This is not because of medical problems, but simply bad habits and manifestation of pride, ego, and ignorance. STOP IT.
  • In India, people chew tobacco and spit everywhere. This is a filthy habit. STOP IT.
  • People everywhere in the world are making their bellies into graveyards for animals. This is harshness to animals. STOP IT.
  • People everywhere in the world are losing their head, health, and hard earned money by pouring diluted acid (alcohol) into their bellies. STOP IT.