People read many books and visit holy places for many years but learn nothing and do not change their behavior for the better. They don’t change their nature and thus consciousness for the better. The below testification will help everyone to change for the better. Read out the below loudly.

I testify the below:

I want to change and become a better person

I will give up killing (No meat, fish, and eggs)

I will give up hatred and love everyone

I will stop losing my head (No alcohol, drugs, and tobacco)

I will stop risking my hard-earned money (No gambling)

I will stop lying, stealing, cheating, and deceiving

I will stop being greedy

I will stop being miserly

I will stop being wicked

I will treat everyone nicely

I will be satisfied with what I have 

I am in my current situation only due to my own doing

I will give up attachment to money by donating more

I will let go 

I will forgive

I will be more time disciplined

I will do something for the benefit of everyone

I will eat more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

I will minimize the use of cell phone

I will minimize the use of social media

I will question everything

I will be open minded

I will stop denying the facts

I will accept the truth

I will pass on all the above to everyone I know to help them improve their life



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