Should Women be Covered Up or Should Men be Spiritually Strong?

Should Women be Covered Up or Should Men be Spiritually Strong?

Should women be covered up to stop the excitement in men for female enjoyment or should the men be spiritually strong?

Based on the Sanatan-Dharma teachings, the men and women should be spiritually strong and thus there is no need for women to be completely covered up.

Sanatan-Dharma Teachings:

  1. A man should see all females except his wife as his daughters, sisters, and mothers.
  2. The aim of life is to attain love of God and not to go to heaven and enjoy women.
  3. The religious teachers (Swamis)  have to be completely free from lust, they are Sanyasi (no wife, no relationships, no family ties).
  4. Females cannot be taken captive, in war or outside of war.
  5. Grandfathers cannot marry children.
  6. Sense-gratification is considered bad.

All the above teachings are based on the Bhagavad-Gita and other Sanatan-Dharma scriptures. These teachings make the men spiritually strong by helping them to reduce and control the desires.

In cultures where the above is not taught, and especially if they believe the aim of life is to go to heaven and enjoy many women. They definitely need to cover up the females, otherwise the men will get excited when they see female bodies and may think heaven has come early and will start enjoying any female they wish.

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