Practical Life Advice

Practical Life Advice

One should only live on what he earns and not off borrowed money.
One should only buy what he can afford.
One should get by with what he has and not by things belonging to others.
One should only eat what he has in his own home.
One should know his capacity to buy and spend and never go beyond it.
One should only use his own things and not borrowed things.
One should never trouble others.
One should never live off others.
One should only live in his own home no matter how small.
One should never make demands on others.
One should never steal from others.
One should never put others in anxiety.
One should never deceive/cheat/lie to others.
One should never mislead others.
One should give up wickedness.
One should be open minded and not narrow minded.
One should donate to worthy causes according to their full capacity, not less.
One should realize that everyone has to eat and thus help others to eat when possible
One should realize that the world economy is based on spending money and living off each other’s work. Thus one should spend so others can eat.
One should enjoy his food by himself and not share with others, if it’s karela (bitter melon), but all other foods must be shared with everyone.
One should realize that there are many cheaters out there and be on guard for such persons.
One should be miserly to himself and very generous to others.
One should give gifts and accept gifts.
One should put all agreements in writing so there is no arguments later about what was agreed.
One should realize that he has wealth now due to his past donations and should give donations now to continue being wealthy.
One should support others who are doing good work for others.
One should keep away from bad association and associate more with the good.
One should consider the welfare and well beings of others.
One should do something for the eternal benefit of all living entities (souls).
One should be kind to all living beings.

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