Please Save Trees and Grass

Please Save Trees and Grass

What’s happening all over India and other countries?

People are chopping down trees and grass and replacing with cement and buildings. The result is that cows are forced to eat plastic and trash. People can no longer afford to keep cows, because they have to buy grass for their cows instead of getting it free. The price of fruits and vegetables is going higher due to lack of trees.

Why save cows?

1. Cows give milk, which is the best food for humans. More cows means more milk and thus cheaper milk. More cheaper milk means more food for children and adults. This leads to healthier humans and no starvation nor malnutrition.

2. The potency of 33 million demigods reside in the body of each and every cow. The demigods control everything in the universe under the guidance of Lord Krishna. The demigods control weather, crop fertility, rain, natural disasters like earth quakes and flooding, and so on. if we kill cows or mistreat cows. The demigods are insulted and they take revenge on us via crop failures, intense heat or cold, flooding, rain failures (droughts), and so on.

3. The supreme Person, Lord Krishna, lives on Goloka, the highest abode. ‘Go’ means cow and ‘loka’ means planet. Thus He lives on the Cow Planet. He is known as Gopal on Goloka, ‘Gopal’ means one who takes care of the cows. He is also known as Govinda, which means one who gives pleasure to the cows. Krishna’s occupation is that He is a cow boy, He takes care of the cows. This is how important the cows are to Krishna.

If we destroy or mistreat cows, nature will make our lives more miserable in the form of harsh weather. Our lives are also affected by nature, nature destruction leads to human values destruction. There will be more ignorance among humans, which will lead to more violence and misery for humans.

The survival of cows is directly related to the survival of trees and grass. Thus save trees and grass.

Please save trees
Please save Grass
Please plant trees
Please plant grass
Please save cows and bulls
Please serve cows and bulls
Please don’t buy leather sofas
Please don’t buy leather car seats
Please don’t buy leather clothing

What are the benefits of plant life (trees and grass)?

Trees and grass provide food for cows, birds, humans, and others
Trees and grass reduce pollution
Trees and grass reduce the dust in the atmosphere
Tress and grass are good for humans to look at, they calm the mind and reduce the stress and tensions of material life
Trees and grass reduce global warming
Trees and grass increase the oxygen in the atmosphere, oxygen is vital for the survival of all living beings

Basically if we destroy trees and grass, we destroy ourselves.

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