Gopal Goshala Videos

Gopal Goshala Videos

Gopal Goshala is another project of Please watch these videos. If you want to spend your hard earned money for the service of our mothers (cows), please consider donating to help with the running costs. This is for your own eternal benefit.

  • By donating money or helping people, there is a good chance of being kicked by them one day. By donating in the service of cows, the cows will NEVER kick you.
  • People will spit on you, but cows will lick you.
  • When people spit on you, you become filthy. When cows lick you, you become purified.
  • People are in poverty due to their own doing (Karma). Cows are in poverty purely due to humans destroying their natural habitat (land) and food (trees and grass).
  • Leaving money to your children will only result in them becoming more materialistic and thus long term suffering for them with repeated birth and death. BY donating in the service of cows, you and your children can become free from material existence.

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