Give Up Wicked Mentality

Give Up Wicked Mentality

People go to places of worship many times, read the scriptures many times, worship many times. But despite all this, they remain the same in terms of their behavior and mentality. They are still engaged in sinful activities, or they treat others badly, or they are miserly and so on. They basically have a wicked mentality.

  1. It is wicked to deny others the same rights that you want. Just as you want to practice your beliefs freely. You must also let others practice their beliefs freely.
  2. It is wicked to accept gifts from others but not give any gifts to others. You must take less and give more .
  3. It is wicked to waste other people’s time. You do not want others to waste your time. You should not waste other people’s time either.
  4. It is wicked to want the highest price for your items and expect others to give you their items free. You should put yourself in their shoes and pay for items appropriately.
  5. It is wicked to want the highest pay when you work and when it comes to paying others for their work, you want to bargain and pay the lowest amount.  Put yourself in their shoes and pay reasonably.
  6. It is wicked to visit the homes of people and eat their food and when they come to your home, you wonder why they came. Eat from others but you must also feed others when they come to your home or whenever possible.
  7. It is wicked to live off others. You must pay your share of the costs or help out based on your resources (effort, give time, give money).
  8. It is wicked to take from the poor. You must give to the poor and not just take from them.
  9. It is wicked to want others to listen to you when you don’t want to listen to them. Listening should be both ways and not one way.
  10. It is wicked to think your way is the only way. People are different and thus there are different ways for everyone.
  11. It wicked to think that you know everything. Knowledge is not limited to what you know. Listen and learn from others. The variety of people have variety of knowledge and thus one must learn from all to learn the most.
  12. It is wicked to expect others to follow your orders when you follow nobody’s orders. If you want to give orders, you must also obey orders from others.
  13. It is wicked to expect others to tell the truth, when you are a liar. Speak the truth, stand up for the truth, and side with those who are truthful.
  14. It is wicked to expect from others everything and you expect to give nothing to others. Expect from others but also realize that others are expecting from you. Take and also give.
  15. It wicked to expect cheap labor. You would not work cheaply, so why should others? Pay others what you would expect if you were doing it.
  16. It is wicked to only contact others when you are in need. You must stay in contact with everyone on a regular basis.
  17. It is wicked to take from others and not give. You must take take take and give give give give give give. Take one and give double.
  18. It is wicked do onto others what you wouldn’t want done onto you. Treat others the same as you want others to treat you. Thus treat everyone nicely.
  19. It is wicked to be miserly. Be miserly with yourself but never be miserly with others. Be very generous with others.
  20. It is wicked to live in other peoples homes when you have your own home.  Be satisfied with what you have, and use what you have, don’t live off others.
  21. It is wicked to use other peoples things when you have your own.  You must live with what you have.

All the above is based on a realization of the Vedic knowledge.


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