Don’t Desire to Accumulate Material

Don’t Desire to Accumulate Material Wealth

By acquiring anything after desiring it, will have side affects. When something comes of off it’s own accord or naturally without desiring it. There will be no side affects.

By desiring material wealth, one will surely get it but it will come with unwanted packages, in the form of miseries.

“Theft, violence, speaking lies, duplicity, lust, anger, perplexity, pride, quarreling, enmity, faithlessness, envy and the dangers caused by women, gambling and intoxication are the fifteen undesirable qualities that contaminate men because of greed for wealth. Although these qualities are undesirable, men falsely ascribe value to them. One desiring to achieve the real benefit of life should therefore remain aloof from undesirable material wealth.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.23.18-19)

Practical examples of applying this teaching.

  • Play a game, but don’t expect to win or lose. In this way there will be no misery if there is a loss. Also the future games performance will be better with this attitude, because one loss will stay imprinted in the mind for a long time, unless it’s expected.
  • Study but don’t expect grade As. Otherwise the desired results with come but with all kinds of miseries.
  • Plant the seeds but don’t expect any fruits.
  • Accept what ever comes.
  • Accept the results and move on.

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