God is One

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The Christians say ‘Jesus is the only way’. Thus the non-Christians go to hell. The Muslims say ‘Islam is the only way’. Thus the non-Muslims go to hell. The Vedic followers wish for all living beings to go to the kingdom of God. This is the result of following the religion created by God and not [...]

God Does Appear

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Does any property owner never visits his properties? Does any King never visits his kingdom? Does any President/Prime Minister of a country, never visits places in his country? Does any father/mother never visits his/her children? In a similar way, the Supreme property owner, the Supreme King, the Supreme President, the Supreme Father, does visit His creations. [...]

What is the evidence for the existence of God?

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The scientists and atheists say there is no God: ·         Can any scientist create life? Every second God is creating trillions of living beings in various forms. This is evidence of God ·         Everything on this planet is maintained by living beings, so who is maintaining everything beyond this planet? This is evidence of God ·         [...]

What is Krishna Consciousness?

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What is Krishna Consciousness (Bhakti)? Krishna Consciousness is also called bhakti, devotional service unto Lord Krishna. Bhakti means to utilize one’s energy and resources for Lord Krishna. There are 4 elements to Krishna Consciousness. 1.    Being Conscious of Krishna Always thinking of Krishna. “Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me in the form of Krsna..” [...]

Summary of World Religions – God is One and Human Like

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Above is the God of Sanatan-Dharma (The Eternal Religion), Lord Krishna. He has appeared, declared Himself, and proven millions of times that He is the One and only God, and He is completely described in the Vedic scriptures. “The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and [...]

God made and Man made ideologies

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God MadeMan Made Eternal scripturesRecently created scriptures    Repeatedly re-established scripturesOne off scripture    Thousands of books of knowledgeOnly one book    Knowledge complied in written format by God Himself in PersonKnowledge compiled into written format by man    Known for trillions of yearsKnown for a few thousand years at the very most    God appears [...]

Full knowledge of God and ZERO knowledge of God

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If you read all the scriptures in the world, only in the Vedic scriptures you will find real information on God and in full details. From the Vedic scriptures one can know about His names, His qualities, His pastimes, His appearances, His abode, His associates, and so on. The non-Vedic scriptures give ZERO information on God. [...]