Basic Humanity Teachings from World Religious Scriptures

Basic Humanity Teachings from World Religious Scriptures

The aim of this writing is to give people the truth based on the evidence and not speculations. The first pillar of Sanatan-Dharma is truthfulness. Hiding the truth or denying the truth is considered irreligion by Vedic standards. People who sincerely believe in God should accept and stand up for the truth, because the real God is for the truth only.

The truth will hurt those who have been deceived and lied to, because the knowledge given to them has been false. The genuine followers of God will accept the truth. The truth is determined by analyzing the evidence. Don’t just accept what you hear from others, without seeing the proof from the scriptures. There are so many deceivers and liars in the world today, be aware.

Anyone can verify the verses quoted below from the scriptures from online sources. For Bhagavad-Gita, please visit

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