Animal Mentality

Animal Mentality

The animals think:

One animal is food for another animal
God is unknown and unknowable
Description of God is unthinkable
Nobody has seen God
Nobody can see God
God can never be personally known
God appearing is unthinkable
God is not everywhere, he is know where
The planet is like a bed (flat)
Night means the sun has set in murky water, day means the sun rises from murky water
Only my species are my brothers, the others are there to kill and eat
This is the first life, we never existed before this life
Some are born blind or diseased by chance
Some suffer or enjoy more than others by chance
Only my species should exist, all others should not
The females from other species are there to be taken captive and made into sex slaves
Only what I know is the truth and all other knowledge is false
All my knowledge is all the knowledge there is to be known
My way is the only way
My species can practice our way everywhere, we cannot allow others to do the same
The end is coming soon, only my species can survive
Only my species can get maximum sex pleasures

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