Vedic Health Advice

  Good health advice based on Vedic knowledge.

Hatha Yoga

The science of good health, Hatha Yoga. Yoga is a scientifically proven system of purifying the body and mind, for making each of us the master of our senses so that we may develop our emotions and intellect to a level at which we function healthy and in perfect harmony.   Yoga is the practice…

Is Modern Man More Civilized Than Before?

This explains how modern man is more uncivilized than ever before.  

Human or Animal Consciousness?

  Do you have human or animal consciousness?  

Death is Just Around the Corner

  People are very much attached to a materialist life, but they forget that there is time which is quickly eroding their life.

What is Karma?

  This explains the reality of the infallible law of justice, karma.  

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