Do you Kill your Mother?

  Anyone who feeds you should be thanked, appreciated, and considered motherly, and not killed, just because they happen to be animals.

What is Humane?

  What does it mean to be humane and inhumane.

Modern Day Mentality

Shows how foolish the modern day mentality among people is. Modern Day Mentality – Ignorance and Foolishness We have bigger houses, but no room for our parents – Most parents live separately. We have high tech gadgets, but we have low grade mentality – No consideration for others. We talk more but do less –…

Only The Beast Will Eat Another Beast

  Yes one beast is food another beast.  

My Dear Humans

A letter from our most humble friends. My Dear Humans, You feel pain, we also feel pain You are fearful, we are also fearful You have a soul, we also have a soul You want to live, we also want to live You have feelings, we also have feelings You have a family, we also…

Donate Your Money or Waste It

Donate Your Money or Waste it The fact of life is that money comes in one hand and soon after it leaves from the other. Money does not stay with us for long. So you have a choice of either wasting it on material possessions or spend it wisely in the service of Lord Krishna.…

The Results of our Actions

  The result of devotional service, offering charity, eating meat and lust.  

Must We Kill In Order To Live?

Vegetarianism, known in Sanskrit as Shakahara, was for millions of years a principle of health and environmental ethics throughout India. The recently created ideologies and ignorance have eroded these ethics.

Bollywood is Demonic

Bollywood is simply demonic based on the eternal Vedic teachings.

Does God Want Man to Eat Meat?

  Explains the fact that God does not want man to eat flesh.  

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