What can humans learn from the trees?

What can humans learn from the trees? – The trees are able to stand in one place all their life, because they do not read the newspapers which are full of non-sense events around the world which only disturb the mind and thus one is not able to stand still. – The trees are able…

Do Cow Sewa

Dow Do Cow Sewa In Your Your Own Town/City The below are some pictures of water fountains placed by to provide water for cows to drink whenever they need it. Please do this in your own Town/City now. As of 19APR2016, 30 fountains have been placed in Karamsad and V.V. Nagar areas. The cost of…


What is Maya?

  What is Maya? Maya has 2 completely different meanings. The first is mercy or compassion. The second is illusion. Here we will focus on the latter meaning, which is the default meaning of maya. “The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts. Due to conditioned life, they are struggling very…


Spiritual and Material Consciousness

  What is Spirituality? Spiritual and Material Consciousness Spirituality is that which is concerned with the eternal. Materialism is that which is concerned with the temporary. Material Consciousness To believe that this is the first and/or the only life is material consciousness To believe that we never existed before this life is material consciousness To…

Don’t Get Cheated

Don’t get cheated. Has someone asked you for money?

What is Reincarnation?

  This explains the reality that we are eternal and that this life is not the first one, nor the last one.


The Fate of Modern Man

The Fate of Modern Man We are 5000 years into Kali Yuga, we still have another 427,000 years to go before Lord Krishna appears on a white horse as Lord Kalki to end this age. The following statements are from the Srimad Bhagavatam canto 12, which was written more than 5000 years ago. These are…

Do you Kill your Mother?

  Anyone who feeds you should be thanked, appreciated, and considered motherly, and not killed, just because they happen to be animals.

What is Humane?

  What does it mean to be humane and inhumane.


Modern Day Mentality

Shows how foolish the modern day mentality among people is. Modern Day Mentality – Ignorance and Foolishness We have bigger houses, but no room for our parents – Most parents live separately. We have high tech gadgets, but we have low grade mentality – No consideration for others. We talk more but do less –…

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